Thursday, February 02, 2006

Invisible Children [film & photo essay]

Invisible Children

The above link goes to a trailer for the Invisible Children documentary, which I finally watched in its entirety today. I heard & read a few criticisms about the nature in which the three young filmmakers presented the problem of the 40,000 or so night commuting children in Northern Uganda. The Hollywood-style dramatizing & moments of immature behavior aside, the documentary is very powerful. Not only is it geared towards the MTV/Info Revolution generation, it's a product of this generation's flavor for adventure & action. First for the content of what they documented, and also for the experience of 3 Cali boys leaving home to capture a story in Sub-Saharan Africa... AND THEN, decided to start a movement and an organization to fight for justice. Doesn't get much more proactive than that.

LA Times Photo Journal on Northern Ugandan situation, click on image below:


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